Love Notes


  • Allison easily and authentically creates a sisterhood of joy and excitement around weddings, specializing in one of the most important moments: finding the perfect wedding dress.

    The Manor House is beautiful, with racks of the most gorgeous gowns you have ever seen. As I walked in, Allison greeted me with her wonderful & warm personality. I tried on a variety of dress styles to get a sense of what I liked, and what was flattering for my body type. I narrowed it down to three dresses, and with a little bit of time, realized I was absolutely riveted by one FABULOUS dress. With just a few alterations, handled expertly and quickly by Nadja, my dress was ready (I bought off the rack).

    On my wedding day I felt confident, comfortable ,and gorgeous.

    Allison creates an incredible wedding dress shopping experience from start to finish. I absolutely recommend The Manor House for every bride-to-be, 10,000% !




  • Truly the most magical experience! This was my first time trying on wedding dresses and I know that every other place will pale in comparison. The space was beautiful and bright. All the dresses were gorgeous. It will be impossible to decide because they were all so perfect. Allison was very attentive and knowledgable about styles and modifications that could be made. She was also a great source of knowledge on other vendors in the area. If you are getting married in Ketchum or just passing through you absolutely must make an appointment!





  • I had the BEST wedding dress shopping experience at The Manor House. Allison was fantastic, we never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. I went back with my daughters and she was so accommodating. I found the dress of my dreams here. The store offers a variety of gorgeous designer dresses. I 100% recommend The Manor House!





  • These two ladies are absolutely amazing! they do everything in their power to make you feel wonderful! Loved working with them!





  • My mom and I had such a great experience here last week. I contacted them through their online contact form and they got back to me same day, for an appointment the next day.

They were flexible and worked fast! Knew all the options, colors, sizes, and availability for each dress. Highly recommend!





  • Molly and Bronwyn made my wedding dress experience one I will remember for my entire life! They welcomed us with open arms, made me feel beautiful, and helped me every step of the way!
    I valued their true opinion on what my body type would look best in and it turned out to be the wedding dress of my dreams but nothing I thought I was going to choose!
    They steamed my dress the day of my wedding, and my bridesmaid dresses too! They were always so sweet when we saw them and knew so much knowledge about the dresses and anything else you could need bridal wise!
    To say we made a new friend during this process is an understatement! These two are absolutely wonderful in so many way!
    Thank you again ladies!!!

    - Tori

  • Molly and Bronwyn are an incredibly sweet and talented mother-daughter duo! They truly went above and beyond with every step of the wedding dress process. They answered all of my questions by text or email and allowed me to try on dresses on more than one occasion to make sure that I was finding the one perfect dress for me. The Manor House space in Ketchum is a comfortable, well-lit, happy space and my bridal party, mom, and mother-in-law enjoyed accompanying me there to try on dresses. On the day of my wedding, Molly and Bronwyn even came to the place where I was getting ready to steam my dress. It was also way easier to get my dress in Ketchum because that is where my wedding took place, instead of having to transport it from Boise or Salt Lake, etc. Would absolutely recommend the Manor House for any brides-to-be!

    - Mariah 

  • Molly & Bronwyn are the mother daughter duo that cannot be stopped! What an incredible experience!!!
    I was engaged at the end of 2019 and like many brides suddenly were faced with the unexpected of COVID. Leading me to cancel all my plans to go to a big city and try on dresses. I was home the summer of 2020, and my mom and I went in to try on dresses. Little did I know that this sweet dress shop would not only carry incredible designers, but that it would become SO much more than just buying a wedding dress.
    Molly & Bronwyn bring you in, and treat you like you are family. Making a highly emotional, sometimes stressful experience one where everyone feels comfortable, happy, excited and most of all beautiful!
    They were there for every step of the way, including the postponement of my wedding, to the fears that "will I still love my dress 2 1/2 years later!?", to the day of the wedding bringing my dress over and steaming it to perfection.
    Born and raised in Sun Valley but having a background in luxury events in New York City - it is a breath of fresh air working with 2 people who care so much and know how important every detail is. I truly cannot recommend them enough!! If you haven't made your appointment, run, don't walk to The Manor House!

    - Sami 

  • I can't say enough about how amazing Molly & Bronwyn made my wedding dress shopping experience. When I first went to try on dresses they immediately knew exactly which dress would be mine, and patiently allowed me to shop around and enjoy trying different styles. They celebrated with my family when I chose the one and even stayed open late that first day to make sure I had the perfect shopping experience.
    From then on they were extremely communicative and accommodating of my limited schedule. They spent hours in the days leading up to my wedding meticulously steaming and pressing the dress. They dropped my dress off by hand the day of my wedding and spent an additional hour the day of making sure it was perfect.
    Do yourself a favor and go get your dress from The Manor House. You will not find a duo like Molly & Bronwyn anywhere else.


- Emily

  • The girls here made my dress shopping experience more than I could have imagined! They are so friendly and take so much time with you. I visited multiple stores in Boise before returning to them to choose my dress. They go above and beyond and am so grateful to them for helping me find my dress!

  • "I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the amazing mother-daughter duo at The Manor House in Sun Valley, Idaho. We decided to elope 2 days before, so you can imagine their surprise when I walked into the shop on a whim and asked if they had anything that could be ready in 2 days!? At first, they thought I was kidding, but they immediately jumped into action and said they wanted to help. The first dress I tried on was perfect- and was available to purchase right then and there. I have a feeling they worked some magic to make that happen. They went so above and beyond. Somehow they made me feel so calm but still got me really excited, made me feel so taken care of because my own mom and sister weren't there (covid!) (they threw is some treasured items) AND they came to my home the morning of and steamed the dress and even my now-husbands tux... that needed major steaming and de-linting. I will never forget how they made me feel and how they made this most special day become a reality even better than what I dreamed. If you have the chance to work with these ladies... it's a real blessing."


- Gretchen



  • "In a year that could have been a nightmare to get married in, Molly and Bronwyn McGary, the mother-daughter duo behind The Manor House, showed up and made my life a dream! These two are professional, detail-oriented, hard-working, passionate, joyful women who share their love and own inspiring stories with each person who comes through their doors. Seeing to every detail from finding the perfect gown (the very first one I tried and totally the opposite of what I thought I wanted), to store it upon its arrival from Italy, steaming and preparing it to dress me on site, and finally sending me down the aisle, they were with me for the whole wild ride. In their beautiful bridal boutique, They bring together the very best of their designers and their own line of gowns to present each new bride with a spectacularly elegant and edited selection so that it is impossible to feel overwhelmed. They put you so, at ease, that the only thing you have to worry about is where your champagne is (and they even take care of that)! These women are angels!"


- Kate



  • "Molly & Bronwyn have built the very best experience in bridal shopping! They helped me find not one but two gowns for the day and were incredibly helpful at each step in the process. You won't find a better team to help you find the perfect dress for your wedding day!"


  • "Truly the BEST bridal shop I have ever been to. I bought my dress at the Manor house summer of 2020. It was an amazing and VERY fun experience since the second I booked the appointment. They served champagne upon entry, helped me put on every dress and were not pushy at all(like some other places I had been to). After I purchased, we had to move our wedding so they held the dress for me for over a year!! Once the big day finally came, they could not have been more helpful! they brought the dress to my suit, steamed it with my veil and the bridesmaids dresses! while steaming they ran into a mistake from the seamstress. Without stressing me out one bit they called the seamstress, had her come to the room and fix it on the spot. I am so grateful for Molly and Bronwyn and I don't know what i would have done without them. They TRULY saved the day and kept this bride cool, calm and collected. If I could give them a 10/5 stars I would!! They also sent me a watercolor painting of my dress. SO SWEET!!! <3"

  • "Manor House was the perfect place to shop for a dress! Molly and Bronwyn were from my same home town as I was and knew the exact location where I was getting married! They were so enthusiastic and excited for me that I couldn't help but pick the perfect dress with them! It is a beautiful store and it wonderful shopping local too, so that I didn't have to fly or drive anywhere for the alterations and initial fitting. Would recommend to anyone!"

    - Michelle

  • "Molly & Bronwyn are an incredible duo. I was in Sun Valley for work and because of my job I didn’t have much time at home to try on dresses so I made an appointment there while on the road. They welcomed me in and spent several hours with me suggesting dresses and helping me find the perfect dress. I was alone as I was on a work trip, but they truly made me feel like I had sisters with me. They took pictures, gave very helpful insight, suggested *gorgeous* dresses and were overall just so friendly and lovely. Definitely visit them when searching for your wedding gown!"

    - Melanie

  • "Where do I even begin when it comes to describing the level of kindness, care, and generosity expressed by the most talented and real Manor House mother-daughter duo? I had my eye on The Manor House ever since I got engaged, but thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I couldn't travel from California to Idaho, and instead purchased a dress locally out of desperation instead of love. Finally, when things began to reopen, my mother and I called Molly and Bronwyn and explained I owned a dress I didn't want to wear on my wedding day. These kind ladies ushered us into their store, and made it clear there was zero pressure to buy a dress. They simply wanted to give me, a person they had never met, the shopping experience I deserved and didn't get to have thanks to the state of the world. When I first walked into their store, I was hit with a feeling of lightness (not to mention their beautiful blonde hair) bouncing up to us with welcoming smiles. From their signature scent candles gently burning to their glasses of chilled champagne, it somehow felt like I was standing in their living room despite being surrounded by the most beautiful dresses and organized showroom. It's clear they take pride in their work, as their space is immaculate. As my appointment carried on, I found a dress I loved, however, I still owned another back in California. Molly and Bronwyn dedicated hours to my appointment, ensuring I had plenty of time to try everything I wanted, and be sure about my decision. When my mother and I decided to purchase their dress, they knew I felt extreme guilt I already had bought one. They supported us in this predicament, and went above and beyond, helping us resell my original wedding dress through their industry connections, wanting to make things right for us out of the goodness of their hearts. Finally, at the end of my appointment, they said goodbye with a final surprise -- they gifted me my veil. It was the kindest gesture I had ever received, and truly showed these ladies are in the business of making brides feel beautiful. It was so humbling to see they wanted that for me - a total stranger. Over the years and countless fittings, these women have become lifelong friends. I felt so beautiful on my wedding day thanks to them, and will forever cherish my experiences at the most joyful place -- The Manor House. Brides, if you're looking for a store to pick out the most important outfit of your life, look no further than here."

    - Ally

  • "Finding the perfect dress for my wedding day was all the more special being able to work with Molly and Bronwyn. This mother daughter duo not only made me feel extremely special, but so beautiful and comfortable in what could have been an overwhelming experience. I absolutely loved the dress I walked down the aisle and danced the night away in, and I am so grateful that I found it at The Manor House"

    - Lucy

  • "Best shopping experience ever!!! Bronwyn and her mother are the best! So accommodating — so knowledgeable — truly was the best shopping experience ever! It is worth going to sun valley to shop for your special dress there. And they carry very unique dresses — one of a kind!"

    - Pamela

  • "Molly and Bronwyn were delightful to work with - making the experience a pleasure from the get go! Unfortunately we had to postpone the wedding for a year, due to the pandemic. They picked up one year later, with all the attention to detail, without missing a beat. Molly and Bronwyn were both there on the wedding day to steam and prep the dress so it was pin perfect for my daughter. They made the experience very professional and personalized at the same time. I would highly recommend The Manor House."

    - Maureen

  • "My fiancé and I decided to elope in Sun Valley, ID, our happy place. I made an appointment at the Manor House to take a look at their bridal hair pieces to finish off my bridal look. The dress I had already picked out was simple and easy for our elopement it just needed a little sparkle. When I got to my appointment I asked the gals if they happened to have a wedding I saw online on their website. This dress was more bridal than what I had already purchased. I tried the dress on and loved it and it just so happened to fit. It would definitely make my day feel more like a wedding and special than the dress I had already brought with me. Molly and Bronwyn were so sweet and offered to sell me the dress they had on the floor. We shared our stories about our love for Sun Valley and found we had a similar story on why this place was so special to us. They made me feel so comfortable about the process and I was more excited for the ceremony once I left their shop. The day of the elopement they came to our hotel and steamed my dress and also my daughters dresses as well. They helped make my day feel so special. You cannot find anyone better to entrust your big day with than these two ladies. Thank you Molly and Bronwyn for making my day feel more like a wedding and now I’ll have beautiful wedding photos in a gorgeous dress to remember the day forever!!!!! I’ll always remember my experience at the Manor House and how they helped make my day so memorable"

    - Heather

  • "Molly and Bronwyn are a fantastic mother-daughter team who made wedding dress shopping fun! They were so helpful and went above and beyond to help me walk out of the store with a perfect-fitting dress, checked in with me to see if I wanted to add accessories later, and sent a lovely watercolor painting of my dress a few weeks after my wedding. Their sweet and thoughtful personal touches will be greatly appreciated by any type of bride!"

    - M.J.

  • "The BEST bridal experience! These ladies are amazing, the gowns are gorgeous, and I found THE ONE! Thank you!"

    - Meghan

  • "My mother and I had our first wedding dress shopping experience here- and how memorable it was!! Not only did I find my dream dress, but THOROUGHLY enjoyed my time with Molly and Bronwyn in their very classy shop. They also were generous in communication and in making sure I was fully satisfied and that my dress arrived on time. You truly cannot beat this romantic spot- and they make an amazing team!!!!"

    - Lillian

  • "Molly and Bronwyn were a delight to work with for my wedding dress selection process! Not only did they help with the initial selection, but they coordinated with a seamstress for alterations, and even brought the gown to my getting ready location the morning of the wedding, and steamed it there onsite. All in all, I had a wonderful experience with them, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a boutique wedding dress experience! Thanks Molly and Bronwyn :)"

    - Ashley

  • "Molly and Bronwyn make dress shopping a breeze- they're kind, welcoming and relaxed, yet professional. Their expertise allows you to sit back and enjoy the process, knowing you're in good hands."

    - Minna

  • "Molly and Bronwyn were such a joy to work with while finding my wedding dress. Their kind and professional manner made me feel so comfortable every time I came into the shop. They were so attentive to every detail and made sure my dress was absolutely perfect. They were very communicative and always able to meet with me around my work schedule. They even provided me with tons of advice for the wedding process in general. I could not have asked for a better experience! I love having them in town!"

    - Morgan

  • "Molly and Bronwyn were a terrific team. Selecting Lindsey's dress was fun and low stress (this was our last stop after shopping at 4 bridal salons in San Francisco.) While Lindsey easily decided on her gorgeous, unique, perfect dress, the challenge was her short timeline. Molly and Bronwyn figured out how to make it work. They were also super helpful in steaming all the dresses before the Wedding. We highly recommend Manor House."

    - Cindy